Apple components it consists of:
- Antioxidants AntiOxidants
- Pectin Pectin
- Phenol Phenol
- Anti-bacteria Antibacterial
- Vitamin C Vitamin C

Antioxidant substances that have the ability to inhibit free radicals
- The prevention of diseases such as stroke - malignant diseases - high blood pressure - aging.
- Increase the body's immunity against diseases of all kinds

The benefits of pectin

For the prevention of heart disease by lowering blood lipids and cholesterol.
-asahm In the treatment of patients with diabetes as pectin slows down the absorption of glucose by the intestines that inhibits sudden fluctuations in the level of blood sugar.
- Contributes to weight loss is to feel satiety and creates difficulties for the absorption of sugars and fats.
- Anti and treatment of constipation.
- Prevention is an important factor of lung cancer and colon power of God.

Benefits of phenol or phenols

Lowering LDL cholesterol the LDL DDT, which leads to hardening of the arteries and Tadhagaha.
- Increase the beneficial cholesterol HDL HDL and LDL cholesterol prevent oxidation.
- Protection and prevention power of God of some types of cancers.

The benefits of anti-bacteria available in the apple

Fights and kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay what makes this apple is useful in maintaining the teeth

The benefits of vitamin C or C-G


Be collagen, the tissue that helps in the cohesion of the cells with each other in our bodies.
Necessary for healthy bones, teeth, gums and blood vessels in our body.
Helps our bodies absorb iron and calcium
It helps heal wounds
Contributes to brain function

Benefits of food apples in general are:
- Wash the teeth and gums piety.
- Reduce cholesterol levels in the human body.
- The human body get rid of toxins, and apple fruit her property in attacking the virus.
- Apples protects against infection from human constipated because it helps digestion.
- Containing the big apple fruit on 30% of the total fiber, Hoalhd minimum daily rate needed by the human body.